Away Days is a football themed beer company that prides itself on supplying consistently good quality beers and ales to football fans, living all the time by our ethos of providing “beautiful beer for the beautiful game”.

What separates Away Days from being just another beer company is not only that we just focus on football, but that we actively speak to and work with football fans to find out their likes and dislikes in beer and ale. We want the fans to have a part in the process of bringing our beers to market, whether that is chatting to fans on forums or holding tasting and feedback sessions in football affiliated establishments, each tipple needs to have had input from the fans.

Having launched in August 2018 with three different tipples, we are soon to launch two more in the run up to Christmas before 2019 will see the launch of a limited series of beers which we are incredibly excited to announce in the coming months.

We cannot thank the hundreds of fans who helped bring this to life and for the constant support in helping spread the word about us. Fans want more than a pint of warm, mass produced sludge these days, they want good quality beer, full of character and then add in our unique branding, each sip is sure to quench your thirst for the beautiful game.

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